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Innovative control systems

In order for the production process to be conducted as efficiently as possible, while ensuring the highest comfort of use, a precise control system is a must. A system that is innovative, flexible and enables the most optimal organization of production process, while providing the user with a sense of stability and full control over the process, tailored to the most sophisticated needs – this is what we specialize in.. as it was the development of control systems that we started with more than 10 years ago ...

Our systems are based on OMRON technology - a world leader in the production of technologically advanced solutions and appliances for industrial automation.

The systems we implement are distinguished for their flexibility that enables:

  • communication with other systems and networks
  • easy edition of configuration, formulas and technological parameters (such bath-temperature, drip time, parameters of transporter movements, currents, process times) even in automatic mode
  • possibility of system extension and development

A precise, efficient and used easy-to-use control system is comprised of not only software - for our control systems we use advanced peripheral devices:

  • FlexKraft high-current rectifiers with a modular structure
    – issue with a module does not stop the whole process – performance on reduced output
    – 10 minutes for broken module replacement – reduced production downtime for maintenance and repair
    – dual output mode - 1 dual mode rectifier can control independently 2 separate baths 10-15% cheaper than 2 separate rectifiers
    – low ripple of 1%
    – ambient temp up to 45°C
    – water-cooling with IP54 as option
    – and many more advantages…
  • absolute encoders and optical rangefinders ensuring extremely precise positioning and high speed of transporter movements
  • best quality drives, transporters, sensors and pumps in order to ensure the highest possible system reliability

Our systems enable advanced diagnostics in case a problem with a line occurs, allowing in most cases to eliminate an emergency from a remote level, without the need of a technician’s visit to the facility - whereas the alarm system warns of any irregularities in the operation of the line and its individual components, therefore it prevents the possibility of failures at an early stage.

We create a database of recipes/technological programs with the possibility of changing process parameters and defining new recipes by the user, while the archiving/reporting function of the production process ensures easy analysis of the production history and its individual parameters.

Each system is equipped with a control computer with a built-in operating panel, whereas the visualization is responsible for a detailed presentation of the plating line, with a full preview of the state and operation of the device. Our system ensures complete control over the process due to functions such as:

  • the above-mentioned possibility to change parameters and to edit technological programs
  • preview of batch meters, calculation of chemicals usage
  • preview of the set and actual temperatures, currents
  • the possibility to lock/skip individual stations
  • the option of automatic start-up /stop of the device
  • defining users access level
  • selection of the operating mode: manual and automatic control
  • possibility to preview details of alarm warnings and of alarm history
    and much more..

We are constantly aiming to improve our control systems - we continuously test, search for new, more flexible solutions to enhance user’s comfort, to eliminate emergencies at the earliest possible stage and most importantly – to increase the performance of the production process.

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