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Highest generation electroplating lines

We are proud of the quality of lines we manufacture.

Our Team has created a wide range of technical solutions that, due to their durability, flexibility and efficiency, enable our Clients to minimize labor, resources and energy costs, and thus to result in not just temporary but long-term savings. We adjust our solutions and we select equipment in a way to help the Client achieve the best production efficiency and the highest quality of obtained surfaces.

We design, manufacture, install and equip complete production lines and wastewater treatment plants for electroplating and anodizing industry. We aim to meet the needs of Clients who are planning to expand their plants, but also of those who wish to increase their existing production capability and minimize resource costs - we recommend modernization of the plating line, which often proves to be inevitable in order to obtain the desired results.

We develop all lines and products and control the parametric design with the use of 3D CAD system created by Siemens PLM – a technology that provides rich, flexible and scalable for simulation design and modeling solutions enabling us to achieve superior development performance.

Program Solid Edge, implemented by GM System sp. z o.o., with Smart Expert Siemens status which proves the highest expertise in the field of design, includes:

  • synchronous technology – allows to rapidly create new concept designs, easily respond to (even late-stage) change requests, and make simultaneous updates to multiple parts within an assembly without time-consuming rework
  • powerful simulation functionalities:

- Finite Element Analysis – functionality that enables digital validation of assembly designs, which significantly reduces the need for physical prototypes, and thus lowers material and testing costs, and saves design time

- stress and dynamics response study/simulation to confirm the durability of the developed constructions

- analysis of heat, liquid and gas transfer

  • and much more …

Thanks to investment in this advanced system, we have the opportunity to significantly reduce the time of construction development and eliminate any imperfections at the very beginning of the investment stage.

Moreover, we create electrical designs using SEE Electrical Expert – a program which is currently a benchmark for programs in the world of electrical CAD.

Our extensive machinery park with advanced equipment enables an in-house production of steel structures and tanks including any requirement and construction variant.

Depending on the type of production line and the space available, different systems can be used to load the materials to be treated.

Taking into account the specificity of the given process, bucket loaders, tipping loaders and elevators can be used for unloading.
Moreover, we can equip the unloading system with vibrating hoppers or conveyor belts for dosing of the materials.
For more delicate parts, a device reducing gaps at transit points to convey materials smoothly can be included.

All in all, we can adapt the automatic loading/unloading system to any requirement of the process.

During the manufacturing process of our lines we only use excellent quality equipment. The plating rectifiers, pumps, filterpumps, dosing pumps, heaters and other peripheral equipment have been carefully selected as based on their most advanced parameters. Our offer also includes centrifuges and chillers.

We select wastewater treatment solutions and appliances taking into account diverse specificity of production processes, in order to provide our Client with a complete wastewater treatment plant enabling :

  • treatment of wastewater in order to obtain parameters allowing discharge into the external sewage system
  • optimization of water consumption
  • decrease in water and wastewater management costs

We also provide technological and lab support in case of problems that occur in already existing installations.

We make every effort to ensure that our solutions are not only a source of saving for our Clients, but also environment-friendly and do not contribute to its contamination.

We construct and install complete ventilation systems and equip them with a control system that adjusts the efficiency of the chemical-resistant fan to the actual load of the production line.

We equip our complete electroplating lines with a control system that facilitates a precise control over the manufacturing process, a system based on OMRON technology - a world leader in the production of technologically advanced solutions and appliances for industrial automation.


After start-up and tests of the working line, we perform necessary optimizations and, as we specialize in conducting of diverse technological processes, we can take care of selection and implementation of a best technology for surface finishing, which would suit even most demanding process requirements

In order to facilitate the user to make the most of the functionalities embedded in the electroplating line, while maintaining full control of the process, we conduct a thorough training for Your staff – in terms of exploitation of the line, use of the control system and conducting of the technological process, so that the user could eliminate basic obstacles, and thus downtime, on their own. However, we provide our technical and technological support in case a more complicated issue occurs.

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